Handcrafted Real Stone MacBook Covers.

Designed by nature, shaped by us.

We can only produce 50 covers a month!
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Your Chance To Stand Out!

Forget about stickers, we have something way more exclusive! You can't possibly be more unique with this Stone MacBook cover. Thanks to mother nature, each and every cover will have a complete different texture and tone. If you’d own one, you would be the coolest by far in your group of friends!

Super Exclusive Stone Types

Our Rock-solid collection offers a selection of super exclusive stone types. A wonderful way to customise your MacBook. Dare to be different!

Astonishing Looks With A Touch Of Luxury

The compelling exterior of real stone combines protection for your MacBook with a breathtaking look and extraordinary feel. You will turn heads! That’s guaranteed!

Mother Nature’s REAL Stone!

We know, it’s hard to believe.. but we craft these amazing covers from world’s most traditional materials, REAL stone!

Slim, Lightweight and Non-Breakable

With a thickness of 0.7mm, each stone cover gives a remarkable look without unwanted bulk. Weighing less than 80g, the cover adds negligible weight to your MacBook while enhancing its appearance.

Easy To Apply

Our stone covers are easy to apply using the latest 3M technology. When it’s time remove it, you can easily remove them without any damage or leaving permanent residue behind.

Handcrafted with Precision

Bambooti’s covers are handmade and as unique as nature itself. We found a way to extract thin layers of stone directly from a big block. Each piece is precision-designed to the dimensions of your MacBook and hand finished into the final product in the Bambooti workshop.

We successfully raised €23,680 on to fund this product and get our production up and running. This is what early birds had to say:

Great and innovative idea. Fantastic product! Nobody has the same Mac as I have :)

Julleke de strooper

Well, my cover looks so damn good! I just love the fact that it is made out of real stone. It really changed the look and feel of my MacBook in a remarkable way.

Sarah van den Boer

I honestly love the unique nature of this product. My cover grants itself as a perfect conversation starter at every meeting!

Ronald de Bakker

It took us almost 1 year to get from idea to the product we are able to offer you today.
And truth be told, we’re damn proud of the result!

Non-Breakable Flexible Stone Veneer


Ultra Thin



Designed by Nature

Unique Texture

Global Sourcing