iPhone 6(s) Plus Wood iPhone 6(s) Plus Wood Protective iPhone 6(s) Plus Wood Protective Case Bamboo Aztec
iPhone 6(s) Plus Wood Protective Case Bamboo Aztec

Bamboo Aztec

iPhone 6(s) Plus Protective Case


Alternative design | Aztec

Alternative wood | Bamboo

Phone Model & Case Type

FSC Sourced

Extracted from REAL genuine wood


Designed to protect and enhance your smartphone in a natural way


Designed by nature


Only 0.7mm thin

Handcrafted with Precision and Tons of Passion

A wood veneer is sliced from the log and shaped to the dimensions of your phone. Subsequently each piece is hand sanded and coated with a vegetable oil finish to protect the wood from dirt and moisture.

Extraction of the wood veneer
Precision Laser Cutting
Hand Sanding and Oil spraying
Clean Bambooti packaging


Bambooti covers mary both old school craftsmanship and cutting edge technology. After being laser cut, every cover is carefully hand sanded to create super smooth edges.


This cover is crafted from natural materials. The cover you’ll receive will look different from the cover displayed in the images. This variation in color and texture makes your cover a one of a kind.

Production Lead Time

All of Bambooti’s products are Made-To-Order. Please allow us a couple days to process your order. We usually rely on maximum 3 business days to get your order ready for shipment.

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